Wednesday, 31 July 2013

The Gift (of writing poetry)

You write what you feel
What often goes unsaid
Words hidden away
Emotions desperately needing expression

In love with another
You suspect does not return the feeling?
You let it out on paper
Too fearful to ask the question

Suffering another's pain
Unable to let them see how much you are hurting?
You place words lovingly in a diary
So that you can be strong in their presence

Excited at a new love
Passion stimulating every fibre of your being?
You frantically scribble feelings
Not wanting to scare them away with your enthusiasm

Writing poetry
Is raw truth
But the reader never really knows
Is it you? Or do you speak of another?

It is the closest one person can get
To his deepest thoughts and feelings
To his very soul

Fear of criticism or rejection
Must not stand in your way
It is the gateway
To freedom

It is a gift
to yourself
from yourself
and from all that truly matters

(c) Dianne Traynor 1 August 2013

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