Saturday, 26 May 2012

A Poet's Verse

A thousand words left unsaid;
A thousand thoughts scatter
like mignonettes into the curtains
drawn against what may have been

A thousand beats of my heart;
A thousand tears pool
like raindrops into lifeless puddles
laying dormant on a deserted highway

A thousand memories illuminate my mind;
A thousand kisses warm my soul
like an unusual guest arriving unexpectedly
at the bed and breakfast of my day

A thousand nervous bumps upon my skin;
A thousand dreams wrap around me
like a warm body against the winter chill
permeating this moment

A thousand jumbled messages scramble for first place;
A thousand words unwritten remain
like a ghost haunting me
until exorcised upon the page

A thousand moments peering from the pool of my coffee;
A thousand questions harmonising
like a rehearsal of the unsung chorus
in the musical yet scored

A thousand pages of a poet’s verse;
A thousand melodies and lyrics lilt nearby
like bright colours thrust upon my canvas
and bring me home

© Dianne Traynor 26 May 2012

(c) Photography courtesy of Johnnie Wolf

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