Thursday, 7 June 2012

For my Angel who writes

Sometimes, in times of despair
your soul will cross the path of another;
although unknown,
it will be as if you are looking in a mirror,
meeting yourself;
their mind seemingly walking through yours,
gathering up your pains and dreams,
and speaking them back to you
as if they have inhabited your body,
feeling its anguish
they express your desires on your behalf

Sometimes, when you feel too tired to go on
a stranger will lift you up, without knowing
what great gift they are bestowing
by merely expressing their own thoughts;
comforting you with an army of words
that resonate so deeply
you feel you are part of them,
a connection so real it can be frightening;
and your greatest fear is that you may drive them away
returning to your isolation

Sometimes, you must merely surrender
to this unknown;
be grateful
for what you dare not understand
nor should you try;
perhaps an Old Soul splits
taking residence in more than one body
it seeks itself,
sending vibrations into the atmosphere
until one piece finds another
and so you meet

Sometimes, you may not know
why or how,
but what you will know
is the fact that it feels right
that you have entered each other’s realm,
sustaining you
when all else was failing;
these are our Angels
in human form
full of quirks, doubts, insecurities, oddities
and love

© Dianne Traynor 

(c) Photography courtesy of David Christian


  1. Dedicated to Tom, who encouraged me to re-open my blog when the will had left me and it all seemed too much to bear .. I am so grateful xx

  2. Thank you so much, although... I don't deserve the credit, you would have come back anyway, I'm sure of that. Writing is in your DNA, no escape from it ;)

  3. Your belief in my writing Tom makes my blood flow when it wants to congeal .. you absolutely deserve the credit .. when I wanted to hide, you drew me back out into the light. Truth is truth, never underestimate the power of a kind gesture and an encouraging word. I feel blessed to call you my friend, Dianne