Sunday, 1 July 2012

A time to care

The true power of healing
lay not in the green floors,
the white walls,
machines that monitor,
or intravenous drips,

but rather …

In the blue-eyed doctor
who takes the time to sit and chat,
In the overworked nurse
who takes the time to give you a hug,
In the social worker
who cares enough to listen;
and the understanding that as difficult as watching people in pain is for them …

for the loved ones it is even more so.

There is a hospital unit
in a country town
that knows this,
and lives by it;
To all who cared not only for my mother,
but for me,
at Mary Coram Rehab

I humbly say …

and heartfelt thanks;
We, the families of Shepparton,
the young, the elderly and the inbetween,
are so very lucky to have you.

© Dianne Traynor  1 July 2012

Photography ~ Dianne Traynor