Friday, 28 September 2012

Love is a battlefield ... and we are its soldiers ...

There are the lifetime soldiers
who will move from battlefield to battlefield
reaching for glory
in the arms they desperately wish to win

There are the victorious who leave the battlefield early
perhaps producing more soldiers
to fight the good fight
in their stead

Of those that find themselves mortally wounded
some will wisely retreat
believing in the wisdom of reflection
taking time to heal the heart

Others will fall by the wayside
to lay alone in a puddle of self pity
and curse their opponent
poisoning any chance of re-enlistment

Yet others will bear their scars
as victory medals
with determination and pride
and a never surrender attitude

There is a rule all soldiers should know...

Do not move to the front line
if you are unprepared within yourself
for you will surely be found wounded in the trenches
or leave another kind soul bleeding there

There is a knowing within the ultimate warrior...

Peace trumps War
Love trumps all
And the battlefield is merely love's way
of making you worthy of residing within its walls

For there is no doubt
the only prize in life
worth winning
is love

(c) Dianne Traynor  28 September 2012

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