Monday, 1 October 2012

If you play the game ...

When it comes to matters of the heart,
if someone is making you feel "less than",
listen to your logical self that is crying out to be heard;
shut down your romantic voice for just a little while,
observe from the outside in,
as if you were comforting your best friend,
because you are!

There is never an excuse good enough;

if there was

it would come in the form of openness and honesty,

not a drawn out guessing game

that you find yourself playing alone

night after night, day after day,

and never winning

Love is challenging

but it is not a sport played on a slippery field of uncertainty,

love nurtures your esteem

even when you are not sure where it will lead;

love is strong arms to hold you when life is difficult,

not  a vague whisperer

of false promises

Love is NOT a game of chess,

exhausting strategic contemplation,

leaving you feeling like a pawn

with nowhere to move;

your logical self would refuse to play,

but the romantic self

may knock logic out of way

Be still,

let logic make its move,

for if you stay in the game

the only pieces

left laying on the board

will be those

of your broken heart

(c) Dianne Traynor  1 October 2012

(c) Photography - Dianne Traynor


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