Thursday, 4 October 2012

In this image

In this image,
what do you see?
Do you think
you see the same as me?

How can you presume
to know how it started,
where I was
physically or mentally?

What colours captured my attention?
Was there stillness or confusion?
What tinkerings took place
to motivate my changes?

And so it is with you
I cannot guess or fathom
the inner workings
of your mind or heart

We can make our time confusing by assuming
what we see, "is" .. what we think, "is"
Instead, why not open up our hearts
and share our most intimate view?

Don't judge me by what YOU see;
where you see distortion
may be a tranquil place of beauty
in my day

I have learned
precious gifts travel through darkness
to carry me, weary from its journey,
to a fluidity of fulfilment

Rather than question achingly
"Why me?"
I embrace gratefully
"Why me?"

But if you choose
to see only your view
then I will ensconce myself into another picture
refusing to weep for me and you

Now perhaps you have decided
I am talking to a lover as I amble through this piece
I ask you stop and ponder
what I asked in the beginning

But then, in all honesty, it matters not
if you see what I see and think what I think
What matters
is you grant me the freedom to honestly express

What a beautiful world it would be
if Truth trumped all
even if
passing pain be its consequence

Truth is freedom
I ask you honour me with its presence
Can you do that?
Or can you not?

I see the frame you're in
and I have the choice
to believe it is the right frame for me
or to keep looking for one more intricate

I have no right to blame you
if my picture does not fit your frame,
but please don't try to alter me
so that it does

One can only make a wise decision
when the choices are clear
rather than clouded
by a curtain of deceit or selfishness

I consider clarity a gift of a pure heart
and within it
I can remain fluid
to travel beside you or alone

So in this image
what do you see?
Do you think
you see the same as me?

(c) Dianne Traynor 4 October 2012
(c) Photography - Dianne Traynor

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