Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Teardrop in the coffee

Throbbing blood raised veins in her wrist
crying invitation for release
Tears streamed quietly upon the outline of her face
in burned out resignation

Temples pulsed in poetic rhythm
to the erratic heartbeat dancing in her chest
Rib cage cramping fiercely
squeezing all the unspoken thoughts into her mind

Bouncing between the futility of living
and the fear of leaving
Being so taken for granted
her feelings of bitterness were beginning to devour her
And although the sun was shining
the air seemed dark and thick with disappointment
What would she do?
She couldn't tell you

She simply couldn't tell you
and so she stared blankly into her coffee
for an answer that all her reading had not given her
the answer that never came
and a single tear fell into her cup
rippling the surface as surely as it had torn her soul;
a soul that no longer felt
it belonged

(c) Dianne Traynor 28 October 2012
(c) Photography by Dianne Traynor

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