Tuesday, 16 October 2012


The hurt that you didn't want to see me anymore
was nothing compared to the pain of how you went about it

The tears I've shed because you simply don't care
are nothing compared to the deep ache of disappointment in humanity

The headache caused by the confusion of insincerity
is nothing compared to the loss of faith in basic goodness

The cold shivers of loneliness
do not compare to the icy chill of your lack of compassion

The harshness of reality
is nothing compared to the lie

What happened to Truth?
Did it take a holiday,
or is it simply too difficult for most to swallow?
And so you never serve it
even though you declare from the rooftops
a sense of spirituality
going so far as to profess that others need your guidance;
but at what cost ?

As I feel all form of trust fleeing from my body
I watch you steal my food
undermine my confidence
shatter my beliefs
leaving me to wonder, what is left?
So I turn to nature
and beg her do battle
on behalf of weary souls like mine

We come into this world alone
we leave it alone
but whilst we are here
we should be kind to our fellow man
respect nature
care for all living creatures
and strive for so much more than money
living honestly, in compassion ... and love

But instead we cheat ...

cheat our brothers and sisters of dignity
cheat another of hope
cheat those we profess to love of truth
cheat mother nature of her earthly rights
cheat animals of freedom
cheat the less fortunate of opportunity
cheat a dreamer of magic
cheat a romantic of belief

Cheat! Cheat! Cheat!

If life were a mirror of raw truth ...

What would you see?
How much have you given?
Did you share?
Who did you care for?
What stranger did you help?
How many sacrifices did you make for the greater good?
Did you stop for another when you were busy?
Did you even ask?

Is your mirror a reflection of all ... or just you?

When you look in the mirror, what do you see?

(c) Dianne Traynor  16 October 2012

(c) Photography - Dianne Traynor

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