Monday, 24 December 2012

Mother Nature

As I gaze upon the water
and I wonder what comes next
I think that life is not so bad
compared to many, it would be the best

Troubles come a plenty,
sometimes mounting way too high;
overwhelmed with disappointment and frustration,
exhausted and too tired to even cry

It is so easy for us to forget
the untold blessings at our side;
caught up in daily problems
we feel we're drowning in the devil's tide

Now when this happens, please take the time
to wander back to Mother's arms,
surrender to her beauty and her grace,
absorb her loving charm

She will never leave you
and she will never judge;
she will only ever welcome you,
her steadfast loyalty will never budge

And, if you let her, she will show you the way ...

to truth
to belief
to love ...
and that will be enough

(c) Dianne Traynor  24 December 2012

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