Thursday, 10 January 2013

Oh Love, dear Love

Oh Love, dear Love
I was so young
when we first met
but now, so many years later
I have to ask
Was it really you?

Oh Love, dear Love
you danced with me
in my twenties
but the music stopped
and the lights dimmed
Are you always so fleeting?

Oh Love, dear Love
you placed a ring upon my finger
in my thirties
gave me the gift of life
in a beautiful girl
I see so much of you in her

Oh Love, dear Love
Why did I mistake you
in my forties
for only imposters
Yet now I am wiser
I find you daily within myself

Oh Love, dear Love
you are indeed elusive
within another
What makes you come and go?
Only a traveller in my life
it seems

Oh Love, dear Love
Who are you
that I seek?
Will you ever step from the shadows
into the light of my moon
and walk into eternity with me?

Oh Love, dear Love
no matter how many times
I mistake you for another
I will continue to feel your strength
to trust and to believe
that you are coming home

(c) Dianne Traynor 10 January 2013

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