Monday, 23 September 2013


There will be times ...

when I annoy you
when you cannot understand my behaviour
when I will frustrate you
when I will want to run away and be by myself
when I want to be so close that you may feel smothered
when you don't even want to talk to me
and when you wonder why we got together in the first place

But I promise you ...

I will always love you, whatever your mood or size or age
I will make you laugh, even when you are angry
I will be faithful, although others may try to lure me away
I will be at your side, when you need me
I will keep you warm, when the world outside feels cold and lonely
I will never leave you wondering how I feel about you
and I will happily spend my days with you until my last breath

I am love
wrapped in a fur coat
and I am yours

(c) Dianne Traynor 24 September 2013

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