Wednesday, 18 September 2013

The Orchard

Air hit my ear from the hurried flight of the bird
The bird scurrying from tree to tree as if the Town Crier
Leaves swayed in unison at the excited chatter
As if nature was declaring the story be told

It was the story of an orchard
An orchard where it is said
That if two lovers declare their united devotion
Then they will be blessed

Blessed by the heavens above and the earth below
The earth upon which blossoms will fall to cover any cracks in their path
Their path that leads to where the angels sit in wait amidst the trees
The trees that will forever protect their love

It is said that in this orchard
Should the sun shine, it is a kiss from the heavens
And should it rain, the beloveds will not be cold
Because it is not rain but tears of joy falling from lovers past, and passed

Ah, it is the orchard
Where love is rooted to the earth
Kissed by the heavens
And lovers are eternally bound

(c) Dianne Traynor 18 September 2013

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