Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Past lives

My heart is tired and it aches
for all those mistakes
of past lives that I've lived;
the pains that I see
manifesting in me
due to old wrongs, long gone

Surely I've paid
for the mistakes that I made
in the times I don't even remember;
I'm refusing to bring
another single bad thing
hurtling back from another dimension

I call on my Soul,
so wise and so old
to protect me on this plane of existence;

make me aware of the mirrors
that bring chills and send shivers
down a spine now aware of your presence

In the past, I no longer will ponder
as onward and upward I wander
discarding old drawings and habits;
looking up to the sky
as I say my final goodbye
to yesterday's dues, paid in full.

(c) Dianne Traynor  9 October 2012
(c) Photography - Dianne Traynor

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